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Infrared is the way the sun heats the earth and everything on it. It's clean, energy efficient and the most effective way to provide supplemental heating for animals. Since infrared heats objects and not the air, it will provide comfort for your bird without being influenced by the temperature of the room. This is particularly important for air conditioned rooms in the Summer or rooms that must be kept cooler during Winter to save energy.

Infrared can create a "comfort zone" that your bird can move into, and out of, in accordance with his need for heat. In contrast, forced air heat is a wasteful "all-or-nothing" proposition and much of the heated air rises up at the ceiling where it does no good. The economy of infrared becomes clear when you consider the cost of raising the temperature of your home with forced air heat as compared to using infrared devices that consume only as much energy as a light bulb. Supplemental heat can be very important for baby birds, plucked birds, and birds that are ill or stressed. Support in the form of heat can often mean faster recovery for a sick or stressed bird. Laying birds also have extra heat requirements and can suffer from egg-binding and other ailments when temperatures are too low.

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