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Herbal Extracts for Birds

Completely alcohol-free, our proprietary process meets or exceeds the herbal potency of alcohol-based herbal extraction processes when tested by independent laboratories. Therefore, every drop of healing herbal essence is extracted for your bird’s health and well being while at the same time is safe and 100% alcohol free.
Bird Safe / 100% Alcohol Free / Avian specific / Great Tasting / 100% Vegan / Green Mfg. /Cruelty-free Testing / Organic and Sustainable (where possible).
Arithritis Formula Candida Yeast BeGone Echinacea Purpurea Root Immune Booster
Relief from Pain Due to Arthritis or Injury
For elderly and/or injured birds. This combination of medicinal herbs helps to relieve arthritis discomfort and reduces swelling and toxins which cause pain.
Energizes Immune System and Fights Candida Infections
The Candida/Yeast BeGone extract uses Echinacea Angustiflora to help energize the immune system while eliminating yeast or
candida infections with Pau D’arco bark, Usnea, Reishi, and Thyme.
Reduces Inflammation Supports Infection Fighting
Echinacea Purpurea root is an important herb which aids in the production of white blood cells. It contains polysaccarides which motivate white blood cells to attack bacterial invaders.
Extra Strength Immune System Booster
Immune booster stimulates resistance to many acute illnesses and general immune responses. It helps stimulate white
blood cells, T-cells and killer cells and increases and strengthens the body’s powers of resistance.
Milk Thistle / Dandelion Root - Liver Detox Pau D'Arco Bark Relaxation and Calming System Detox
Detoxify Liver
Milk Thistle Seed and Dandelion root have long been used to help detoxify bird’s livers resulting from fatty liver disease which can occur due to the high fat content of seed based diets
Yeast and Bacteria Suppressor
Pau D’Arco bark has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation from bacterial and fungal infections
Prevents and Relieves Environmental or Behavioral Stress
This formula uses several well-known calming herbs which work together to reduce stress from the environment or deep
seated behavioral issues such as screaming, biting and feather picking/barbering/plucking/mutilation. Can be used long term.
Clears environmental and chemical toxins from tissues and protects the liver
Environmental toxins are a particular concern as birds’ sensitive respiratory tracts are especially vulnerable to pesticides, fertilizers, smoke, unclean water that can affect their general health and immune systems
Chamomile Flower Echinecea Angustifolia Root
Relaxation and Sleep Aid
Chamomile flower has long been used to achieve relaxation in birds.
Immune / Respiratory System Booster
Echinacea Angustifolia provides analgesic properties which can be used to treat pain from external wounds, internal
inflammation, and arthritis.
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