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Nutritional Supplements
Meet the Avitech “family” of high quality nutritional supplements for birds. Our nutritional supplements address a wide spectrum of needs from feather conditioning to general nutritional supplementation and aids to prevent feather picking. All of our products are bottled in our own plant to assure cleanliness and quality control. Our plant is the only FDA inspected facility dedicated solely to bird care products.

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Avi-Cal Plus Calcium Supplement Avi-Immune DMG Supplement Aviagra Fertility Supplement
Avi-Cal Plus calcium supplement provides support for bones, beaks and nails. Laying hens in particular need calcium and vitamins.
Avi-Immune is a formulation developed specifically for birds to supply
DMG (dimethylglycine) in an easy to use and readily accepted form.
A potent blend of Vitamin E and essential amino acids in a pleasant natural tangerine flavored base.
AviBios Probiotic Supplement AviCalm Calming Supplement Aviflax Gold
An avian-specific blend of Lactobacillus and related organisms promotes and maintains natural intestinal balance.
Supplement designed to reduce aggression, feather picking and screaming.  It is non-toxic and is accurately proportioned for dosing birds. It is also FDA listed as safe for food.
AviFlax Gold is a human-grade milled flax product processed specifically for
feeding to birds.
AviGain Weight Additive AviGlo Red Dende Palm Oil AviGreens Superfood Mix
A high-energy formulation of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fat, and proteins. Use for convalescing birds or to maintain weight on weaning chicks.
AviGlo premium palm oil is red oil from the fruit of the Dende palm. AviGlo is 100% virgin palm oil with no added ingredients or preservatives. It is cold pressed to preserve maximum nutrients.
AviGreens organic greens mix. Contains nutritive grasses in
an easy to feed powder form, including Wheat Grass, Barley Grass,
Alfalfa Grass, and Oat Grass.
AviKelp Natural Sea Kelp Granules Avilina High Potency Spirulina AviPollen 100% Natural Bee Pollen
AviKelp granules is an easy to feed supplement providing iodine and other trace elements for birds.
Avilina spirulina is the most potent available due to unique processing
technology and a special strain of the micro-algae. Use for adults and
add to hand feeding formula.
AviPollen natural bee pollen granules is an easy to digest nutritionally rich food that is well accepted by all birds.
AviPow Anti-Fungal / Anti-Bacterial Supplement AviVIta Gold Premium Multivitamin AviVIta Plus Multivitamin
A Natural Anti-fungal / Anti-Bacterial Supplement from the Rainforest.
AviVita Gold is a high-potency mixture of essential vitamins ideal for adding to soft food or seed two or three times a week.

A comprehensive formulation providing 14 avian essential
vitamins, 16 amino acids and 6 minerals. Feed every day to keep your
bird in top condition.
Cal-D-Solve Calcium/Magnesium Supplement CocoLoro 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Electrovites +
Cal-D-Solve calcium/magnesium supplement is a potent formulation designed for birds. It can be added to feed or in drinking water. In a convenient soluble powder it supplies more calcium than liquid calcium products.
Coco Loro coconut oil is a cold pressed and unrefined virgin oil. It has a delightful coconut aroma and
taste. Coco Loro coconut oil is a potent source of Lauric Acid which has
been recognized as an effective antimicrobial.
ElectroVites+ electrolyte powder provides electrolytes to fight dehydration in sick or newborn birds. It is easy to use and store and has a pleasant taste and odor.
Enhance - All Natural Veggie, Fruit, Berry & Sprout mix Featheriffic! Feather Conditioning Supplement NutriGreen Moringa Leaf Powder
Enhance is a freeze-dried powder mixture of vegetables, fruit, berries and sprouts. This is an all natural supplement to provide
enhanced nutrition and taste.
A special formulation of vitamins and
amino acids for for optimal feather
growth and appearance.
NutriGreen moringa leaf is a natural supplement that provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an easy to use powder form. It is all human-grade.
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