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All about AviCalm
How the active ingredient in AviCalm was discovered and how it works.

We discovered the benefits of theanine (which is the active ingredient in Avicalm) by accident while researching natural sedatives on the web. Studies had been taking place in Japan regarding the use of L-theanine for general stress control and PMS symptom reduction in adult humans, on children with ADD and cats and dogs exhibiting aggressive and obsessive compulsive disorders. The results of the studies had been promising so we decided to research further and found out some interesting things about green tea, theanine and stress control. Scientists in Japan, where there is a large population of green tea drinkers, were puzzled over why people who drank copious amounts of the stuff (even though it contains large amounts of caffeine) were relaxed and not jittery after drinking several cups. After several years of research they isolated the compound that provided this relaxation and found it to be an amino acid which they named L-theanine. L-theanine has been found to directly stimulate the production of alpha brain waves. These brain waves are associated with an awake, yet relaxed, state in humans (and animals). And this is why birds who are on Avicalm are not in a druggy, foggy stupor but are calmer and less stressed. This state can lead to less biting, less plucking and less overall aggressive behavior. After we concluded our research we decided to try it on our birds. On a typical rainy, cold Thanksgiving weekend while the birds were having screaming fits over the fog banks they saw drifting by their windows we decided to try it on our birds. We gave them a dose on their food and an hour later heard nothing. So much nothing that we ran into the bird room wondering what was wrong. We didnít find anything wrong except a room full of content, quiet birds. It was our first quiet Thanksgiving weekend in 20 years. We also found through our research that our Avicalm can calm down birds enough to help them stop feather plucking. Especially when used in conjunction with Featheriffic. The lecithin in the Featheriffic boosts the effectiveness of the Avicalm and the B vitamins, flax and amino acids in the Featheriffic helps grow feathers back. The best way to administer our all human-grade AviCalm is with the Featheriffic on food. Even better is to double the dose of the Avicalm for the first week and then return to the regular dose after the first 7 days. We have birds here that will eat the Avicalm right out of the palms of our hands. Less effective is adding it to your birdís water as you cannot effectively control and monitor intake. But if your bird will not accept AviCalm and/or Featheriffic on their food then adding it to their water bowl is an acceptable, if less beneficial, alternative.
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