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Avitech's line of All-Natural products to help with screaming, feather picking and hormonal issues. Avicalm, Feather In, Featheriffic and Avivera aloe spray are you and your bird's best friends when plucking or screaming issues arise. Click on photo for more info.

HERBAL BIRD RX 100% alcohol-free extracts--NO OILS--. Add to food, water or directly into beak. Includes: Milk thistle/Dandelion, Relaxation, System Detox, Echinacea P, Echinacea A, Chamomile, Pau D'arco, Immune Booster, Arthritis, Candida/Yeast be Gone. Click on photo for more info.

THE NATURALS--the world's first and only full product line of All-Natural supplements for birds. Specifically formulated for use with fresh food diets. Includes Aviglo sustainable palm fruit oil, CocoLoro coconut oil, Avipollen USA origin pollen granules and more. Click on photo for more info.

AVICLEAN, simply the best cage and aviary cleaner available! Birdsafe and homesafe, a cleaner that you can use on cages, floors and throughout the house safely and effectively. Click on photo for more info.

THE ESSENTIALS, Avitech's line of avian vet formulated supplements including Avivita Plus & Gold, Avical Plus, CalDSolve, Formula One and more. Your bird's health assurance when added to all seed diets and as a source of Vit D and A for fresh diets. Click oh photo for more info.

Aviagra Fertility Supplement - 16 oz w/ FREE 2oz Cal-D-Solve Cal-D-Solve Calcium/Magnesium Supplement 3lb + FREE 4oz AviBios
Special - Buy 16oz Aviagra and get a FREE 2oz Cal-D-Solve.

A potent blend of Vitamin E and essential amino acids with a natural tangerine flavor.
Special - Buy a 3 lb Cal-D-Solve and get a FREE 4 oz AviBios

Cal-D-Solve calcium/magnesium supplement is a potent formulation designed for birds. It can be added to feed or in drinking water.

AviCalm Calming Supplement -16oz - w/ FREE 8oz Featheriffic
Special - Buy AviCalm 16 oz and get FREE 8oz Featheriffic

AviCalm supplement is designed to reduce aggression, feather picking and screaming. It is non-toxic and is accurately proportioned for dosing birds. It is FDA listed as safe for food.

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